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Solutions with special PTFE compounds

- from granulate to final application

High performance from plastics


Highest Quality in RAM-Extrusion


What is PTFE?



PTFE experts

Versatile material for high-tech plastic solutions

PTFE and its special characteristics:

  • Extreme temperature resistance from -200°C to 260°C
  • Chemical resistance to almost all substances
  • Completely non-stick
  • Excellent electrical insulation
  • Lowest friction coefficient of all solids
  • Stable dielectric constant for high-frequency applications

We specialise in the processing of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and have 40 years’ experience of working with this highly versatile material.

We aim to make the most of the diverse possibilities that PTFE offers as a material and thus be able to offer cost-effective and customer-oriented products. We work exclusively with high-quality raw materials from leading global suppliers.

The innovative plastic products from Beichler + Grünenwald are developed, designed and manufactured by people and machines. The company's own design department provides effective results with custom-fit and application-oriented designs for tailor-made products in a wide variety of industries.

State-of-the-art machinery at the production centre enables the manufacture of extremely high-quality products and subsequent individual processing. Beichler + Grünenwald relies on various manufacturing processes, from ram extrusion to hydraulic and isostatic pressing and from CNC-controlled turning and milling all the way to automatic milling. According to the requirements, products are either laminated or powder-coated; parts and materials are lined or coated with PTFE.

In addition to the production and manufacture of extrudates, semi-finished products and coatings, Beichler + Grünenwald also supplies assembly groups. In addition to assembly, the company usually carries out additional processes such as thermal forming, welding, laser marking or ultrasonic cleaning.

PTFE can be combined excellently with other materials to enhance specific properties. Beichler + Grünenwald has the know-how to produce and process compounds using mineral or organic fillers for specific customer requirements.

We have been DIN EN 9001 certified since 1996. Furthermore, our products meet almost every standard for high quality.