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High performance for high-tech industries

PTFE - The material for every application



    PTFE is used across all industries

    Beichler + Grünenwald designs, develops and manufactures high-tech products from the high-performance plastic PTFE. The unique properties of the material - both on its own and together with selected additives - offer almost limitless possibilities when combined with a wealth of ideas. Due to its nature, there is almost no industry in which PTFE cannot be used.

    PTFE is used as a static or dynamic sealant in almost all technical areas. Moulded solid and filigree PTFE components guarantee the functional requirements in the high-frequency range. Here they are used, among other things, as antennas for radio and radar systems. They are also suitable as signal transmitters and receivers for level measurements in tanks.

    In food processing, components that come into contact with food are often made of PTFE due to their food resistance and ease of cleaning.

    Due to its low sliding friction, PTFE is also used in aerospace engineering and aircraft construction where conventional lubrication of doors or bearings would fail due to low outside temperatures.

    In the chemical, pharmaceutical and petroleum industries, PTFE is used, for example, for lining pipelines and containers. In mechanical engineering, plain bearings and slideway linings made ofPTFE compounds are used to produce oil-free compressed air, for example in compressors in the medical and food industries.

    For all these industries, PTFE offers competitive advantages and production reliability due to its unsurpassed material properties. Possible higher acquisition costs are quickly put into perspective by lower wear, less maintenance and, as a result, greater efficiency.

    In the Beichler + Grünenwald production centre, the ultra-modern machinery enables the manufacture of extremely high-quality products and their individual finishing. Beichler + Grünenwald relies on various manufacturing processes, from ram extrusion to hydraulic and isostatic pressing and from CNC-controlled turning and milling all the way to automatic milling.

    Depending on the requirement profile, products are coated or powder-coated and parts or materials are lined or coated with PTFE

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    Would you like to find out more about PTFE? This applies to all industries: With this high-performance plastic, the most diverse technical requirements can be implemented constructively at the highest level. We would be happy to provide you with a personal consultation. Do not hesitate to contact us and request a quote.