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Semi-finished products and extrudates made of PTFE

Rods, tubes and beams


 PRODUCTS | semi-finished products and extrudates made of PTFE

    Semi-finished plastic products and extrudates made of PTFE

    Ram Extrusion

    In this continuous press-sintering process, PTFE granulate - determined by the piston stroke and the die surface - is pressed in tablet form through the heating section of the die and shaped into PTFE semi-finished products, rods, tubes, plates and profiles. At the customer's request, we manufacture tools according to exact given measurements, which enables economical and efficient production with low material waste.

    Beichler + Grünenwald extrudes and presses technical flat, corrugated and shaped PTFE/TFM profiles. Our custom-made profiles are used in many areas of mechanical and equipment engineering.

    PTFE semi-finished product processing - at the very highest level

    Beichler + Grünenwald manufactures semi-finished products, rods, tubes, plates and profiles from PTFE, modified PTFE and other compounds. With our wide range of manufacturing options, we offer our customers a unique quality-oriented and economic opportunity for both extrusion processes and isostatic pressing.

    Combined with decades of experience in PTFE processing, our in-house research and development achieves optimum results in the manufacture of customer-specific and application-specific semi-finished products, rods, tubes, plates and profiles. Competent advice and excellent service are available to the customer during this process, from the initial request to the finished product.

    Needless to say, we meet the required quality standards and norms. At the customer's request and upon proof of material with the material test number, we can issue 3.1 acceptance test certificates according to DIN 10204 and/or declarations of conformity whenever required - even retrospectively - thanks to the organisation of our archive.

    TFM® from Dyneon - Modified PTFE for optimised processing

    Second generation PTFE is reconfigured by the addition of modifiers, which virtually retains its material properties. Shorter molecule chains create a tighter and denser molecular network. The advantage of this modified, more diffusion-tight variant lies above all in the better weldability of the material.

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    Would you like to find out more about PTFE? This applies to all industries: With this high-performance plastic, the most diverse technical requirements can be implemented constructively at the highest level. We would be happy to provide you with a personal consultation. Do not hesitate to contact us and request a quote.