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B+G’s plastic know-how

Our Know-How for your future



    Our knowledge of plastics for your success

    Beichler + Grünenwald GmbH has extensive knowledge gained from more than 40 years of experience working with PTFE and other fluoroplastics. 
    In addition to detailed information on these versatile plastics, you will also gain an insight into our company and the people who work in it. 

    PTFE – Our expertise and know-how

    PTFE and fluoroplastics

    This is where we share our knowledge of plastics with you. Both PTFE and the other fluoroplastics used at Beichler + Grünenwald combine unique properties, such as high resistance to chemicals and friction. The versatility of these materials is enormous and offers numerous possibilities for application in different industries.

    Get to know these high-performance plastics on the following pages and see for yourself.

    Your Contact

    Daniel Borst
    Sales Consulting
    T +49.7143.9609-125
    F +49.7143.9609-100


    Would you like to know more about PTFE, fluoroplastics and their diverse potential uses? Or would you like to find out more about Beichler + Grünenwald and the services we offer? We look forward to hearing from you!