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PTFE in use in semiconductor process technology

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INDUSTRIES | PTFE in use in semiconductor process technology


    PTFE in use in semiconductor process technology

    Universal chemical resistance and application possibilities from -200°C to +260°C make PTFE ideal for use in the chemical, pharmaceutical and petroleum industries. PTFE is mainly used for the lining of pipelines, valves, fittings, columns and containers. Other applications include column equipment and packing, heat exchangers, bellows, and a wide range of static and dynamic seals.

    PTFE is a relatively soft and tough material (Shore hardness D approx. 56°) and is therefore very resistant to shocks and rapid temperature changes. It often replaces the enamelling of stirring containers and mixers. If the linings or the casings wear out, it is also usually possible to replace them easily.

    A further application in mechanical engineering is the use of plain bearing and slideway linings made of PTFE compounds. Due to the low coefficient of friction, lubrication with oils or greases can be eliminated. An example of this are pistons and guide rings as well as sliding surfaces used in compressors for gas compression of technical gases or in compressors for achieving oil-free compressed air in the medical, pharmaceutical and food industries. In general, it can be said that there is hardly an industry in which PTFE is not used.

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