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PTFE - The right signal is important in high frequency technology

PTFE solutions as guarantor for highest accuracy in the high frequency range


 INDUSTRIES |  PTFE - The right signal is important in high frequency technology

     PTFE application in high frequency technology

    Due to its outstanding electrical properties, PTFE is used extensively in high-frequency technology. The very low dielectric constant of 2.1 and the dielectric loss factor of tan δ < 0.0001 enable the material to be used as a transmitting and receiving antenna in radar and microwave equipment.

    In combination with other properties – such as universal chemical resistance to acids and alkalis and resistance to ageing – PTFE is very well suited for use as a signal transmitter and receiver in tanks, but also outdoors in radio and radar systems.

    Moulded, solid and intricate components made of PTFE guarantee the functional and economic requirements in the high-frequency sector. With Beichler + Grünenwald's precise machining technology, our parts are made with the highest precision.

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    Would you like to find out more about PTFE? This applies to all industries: With this high-performance plastic, the most diverse technical requirements can be implemented constructively at the highest level. We would be happy to provide you with a personal consultation. Do not hesitate to contact us and request a quote.