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PTFE in the aerospace industry

PTFE is the most reliable material - even when under high stress


INDUSTRIES | PTFE in the aerospace industry

    PTFE in the aerospace industry

    The aerospace industry places special demands on the components and materials used in this field. These include:

    1. The safe fulfilment of the function of the component in every phase of flight operation with a guaranteed service life.
    2. The lowest possible weight.
    3. A reasonable price-performance ratio.

    These requirements are often met with PTFE at low cost. The reasons for this are absolute weather and UV resistance, permanent ageing resistance, cold and heat resistance in the temperature range from -200°C to + 260°C, as well as universal chemical resistance - in particular, resistance to mineral oils and fuels. In case of fire, PTFE is self-extinguishing and electrically insulating.

    The low coefficient of sliding friction of PTFE is also used in aircraft construction where the lubrication of doors or bearings could fail due to low temperatures. Here, too, it is usually the combination of two or more properties of PTFE that are decisive in determining the choice of PTFE for a particular component.

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