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PTFE recipes | Sweet fruit tartlets

For those with a sweet tooth



 INFORMATION | PTFE recipes | Sweet fruit tartlets


    PTFE recipes | Sweet fruit tartlets


    • 1 light and 1 dark biscuit
    • 400ml cream
    • 2 sachets cream stiffener
    • 100g white couverture
    • 100g dark couverture
    • Summer fruits for decoration
    • Gelatine fix
    • Sugar


    • The day before making the tart, heat the whipping cream in two pots; one for the white and one for the dark couverture. Chop the couverture into small pieces and stir into the warm cream, allowing the chocolate to melt in the process.
    • Place the white and dark cream in two beakers and leave them both in the fridge overnight.
    • You can either make your own pastry or use ready-made pastry to cut out circles, 50mm in diameter, using a dessert ring.
    • lend the berries, fold in the gelatine fix and sugar, then refrigerate.
    • Whip the white and dark creams with cream stiffener until stiff.
    • Now fill the dessert rings with the finished chocolate and berry mixtures and refrigerate again.
    • To serve, carefully remove the dessert rings and decorate the tartlets with fresh fruit.

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