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    Certification - a matter of course

    Quality and precision are essential principles of Beichler + Grünenwald. In product development, not only the strictest specifications are adhered to, but studies of feasibility are also carried out. Before any series is launched, our quality assurance team checks every single stage of production. And in the manufacturing process, self-monitoring by our employees in accordance with the four-eyes principle ensures additional safety. No product leaves our premises without undergoing meticulous inspection.

    In addition to strict internal quality assurance, Beichler + Grünenwald also carries out further quality inspections at the customer's request. State-of-the-art measurement technology ensures comprehensive product control.

    DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 certification is mandatory for Beichler + Grünenwald.

    Beichler + Grünenwald has been certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 since 1996. Our products meet almost every standard for high quality. At the customer's request and upon proof of material with the material test number, we can issue 3.1 acceptance test certificates according to DIN 10204 and/or declarations of conformity whenever required - even retrospectively - thanks to the organisation of our archive.

    Upon receiving the EU10/2011 certification on the 01 September 2014, we became one of the first PTFE processors with this special accreditation

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