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Company philosophy



COMPANY Company philosophy 


    Our four-element philosophy


    The element earth is the ground on which we stand and which supports us. With this grounded, down-to-earth approach, we can offer our customers consistent  reliability.


    Water is the gentle and stimulating element that splashes, gushes and flows tirelessly. This constant current stands for the steadfast consistency with which we develop our company.


    Fire is the element of boundless power and vitality. It characterises the determined energy with which we work in all areas of the company in order to meet the needs of our customers.


    The element of air stands for movement and flexibility. It symbolises the orientation towards the outside world and shows the solidarity we have with our customers.


    The harmonious interplay of these four elements is what distinguished us as a company. It’s a combination of people, performance, challenges and solutions as well as dedication and success.

    Your contact

    Markus Beichler
    Managing Director
    F+49.7143.9609-100 m.beichler@b-u-g.de